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Mr. Enrique AZURZA    Rhythmic and Atmospheric Characteristic in Spanish Choral Music Club For Five    Instrumental Singing and Vocal Group Rehearsal Techniques Mr. Francisco J. NÚÑEZ    ·       Open Rehearsal – Young People Chorus of New York City ·       Designing and Training Stage Management for Choirs (with Young People Chorus of New York) ·       Interpreting Jazz Choral Music Prof. Theodora PAVLOVITCH    Eastern European Secular Music Mr. Aarne SALUVEER    Contemporary and Traditional Estonian Choral Music Mr. Dénes SZABÓ    Open Rehearsal – Cantemus Children’s Choir Mr. Soma SZABÓ    Workshop for Chinese & Indonesia University Choirs Mr. Jonathan VELASCO    Filipino Choral Works Prof. Yan WANG    Interpreting Operatic Chorus Pieces

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