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Mr. Soma SZABÓ    The Magic of the Kodaly Concept

Mr. Aarne SALUVEER    An Introduction of Estonian Choral Music

Dr. Stephen ZEGREE    Vocal Jazz Rehearsal Techniques: How do they differ from traditional choral conducting?

Mrs. Aida SWENSON    Relation between singing, rhythm and body movement of Indonesia music

Mr. Kella NÆSLUND Organized choral life in Sweden, Swedish choral composers, famous choirs and their conductors

Prof. Bao-ping REN    Training Method for Mixed Choral Music

Ms. Xiaozhe    Kashgar Legend – A sketch of Chinese Minority Ethnic Groups Children’s Choral Music

Dr. Steve HO & Mr. Stephen LEEK    Composers Workshop Ms. Yun-hung CHEN    Pitch Training for A Cappella

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