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Prof. Martin BERGER    Introduction to African Choral Music

Mr. Da-peng MENG    Training Methods for Advancing a Children’s Choir

Dr. Richard FILZ    Body Percussion for Singers

Dr. Cristian GRASES    – Introduction to Latin American Choral Music

– Choral Warm Up Techniques & Conducting Class

Dr. Milan KOLENA    Gregorian Chant & Renaissance Music

Ms. Urša LAH    Introduction to Slovenian Choral Music

Mr. Meili LI    Voicing Techniques of Countertenor and How to Overcome Voice Changing

Ms. Mei LIU    The Voice of China: How to Highlight the Characters and Essence of Different Choral Works

Prof. Jing LING-TAM    Introduction to Worldwide Choral Works of High Artistic and Performing Value

Prof. Ragnar RASMUSSEN    Introduction to Northern European Choral Music

Ms. Aida SWENSON    Introduction to Indonesian Choral Music

Mr. Soma SZABÓ    The Use of a Special Overtone-Based Intonation in A Cappella Singing

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