2022 World Choir Festival

International Choral Competition


The Competition will be held online in two rounds: Category Competition and Final Competition. 


The Category Competition will be adjudicated by 12 jury members. Different awards will be presented according to the average marks given to each video. Choir representatives are invited to "Meet the Jury" online in late March/early April. ​



Jury Members of the Category Competition

Jury Poster_ cate. eng.jpg


Video requirements


General Requirements

  • The video should be recorded in high-definition (HD) with clear picture and sound; and be made in .mp4 format

  • The time limit applies to the total length of the video, extra materials will not be marked.

  • Please upload the video(s) to both YouTube and Google Drive, and provide permanent links on the application form for the organiser/jury to view/download.


Specific Requirements for Categories A1 to E3


  • Videos recorded in 2017 or after are accepted. 

  • In case you are submitting performances recorded on different occasions, please join the videos and submit only one video link

  • Each work should be recorded in one continous take.

  • Videos recorded and edited with multi camera angles are accepted, but we encourage submitting videos recorded by one camera only (in a fixed posiition). 

Specific Requirements for Categories F1 to G2

  • The video will have to be recorded on or after 1 Sept 2021, where the entire choir sings together in one physical space (as opposed to recording each singer individually like a Virtual Choir).


  • At the start of the video, the conductor (or leader of a vocal ensemble) should make the following announcement in front of the choir:
    Today is [date]. The [name of choir] records a performance for the 2022 World Choir Festival.


  • The video must be recorded in one continous take (starting from the announcement till the end of the last piece) and cannot be edited afterwards.


 Specific Requirements for Category H – Virtual Choir


  • This category is designed for the choirs whose members are unable to sing together due to the pandemic.

  • Videos produced from 2020 onwards are accepted.

  • There are no specific requirements or restrictions on the production of the video



 Adjudication and Diplomas

Jury Members of the Category Competition will evaluate the overall artistic quality of each video and present diplomas according to the following scale:


Bronze Award: 59.5-69.4 marks

Silver Award: 69.5-79.4 marks

Gold Award: 79.5 marks or above

Champion of each category will receive a "Category Champion" certificate. A number of "outstanding Conductors" & "Outstanding Teachers' will also be presented, based on the nominations of the jury.

Final Competition

Choirs that receive 85 marks or above in the category competition will be considered to the Final Competition. A list of Finalists (tentatively around 15 choirs) will be nominated and confirmed by the Jury of the Category Competition.

Each finalist will choose 1 piece from their Category Competition video for the “Final Competition”, where over 70 international jury members will vote for the “Choir of the World” Award (including a cash prize equivalent to RMB 40,000), Jury’s Prize (including a cash prize equivalent to RMB 20,000) and a number of Grand Awards.

Jury Members of the Final Competition


Details of Jury Members (short CV) (by alphabetical order, in random image sizes)

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