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2024 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival cum  

1st Greater Area Choir Festival – Hong Kong

Choral Competition & Adjudicator


The 14-category competition will be adjudicated by a Jury of more than 20 choral experts from all around the world. The competition comprises two rounds, Category Competitions and Finalists Night. The champion of each category (awarded with Gold Award or above) will enter the Finalists Night to compete for the Grand Prizes and Cash Awards, which will be voted upon by the entire jury of the festival.

Category Competition

  • Each performance will be judged by 7 jury members against a range of artistic criteria.

  • The highest and the lowest marks among the 7 jury members will be eliminated. The average of the 5 remaining marks will be the final score of the performance.

  • Each performance will be awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award according to the final score. (Gold: 79.5 points or above; Silver: 69.5-79.4 points; Bronze 59.5-69.4 points. A special award “Outstanding GBA Composer” will be awarded to outstanding composers from the Greater Bay Area.)

  • Each choir will receive a Marksheet which states the marks given to their  performance by the 7 jury members.



Competition Category



  • Each choir can enrol in a maximum of 2 categories.

  • If a choir enrols in 2 categories, one category must be within A1 and D; the other within E1 to F.

  • For categories A1 - D, a maximum of 10% of the members may be under or over the age requirement.

Final Round

  • Choirs receiving outstanding marks in the Category Competition may be considered for the Final Round. The entire panel of jury will decide the winners of the highest prizes of Festival - “Choir of the World” Award (including a cash prize equivalent to HKD 40,000), Jury’s Prize (including a cash prize equivalent to HKD 20,000) and some other Grand Prizes and Cash Awards. 

  • The list of Finalists (tentatively no more than 12 choirs) will be announced at the “Prize-giving Ceremony”.



Chairman of the Jury

Prof. Chan Wing-wah

Jury Members

Dr. Brady Allred (USA)

Dr. Nadezhda Averina (Russia)

Prof. Martin Berger (German /South Africa)

Mr. Diao Zhijun (China)

Dr. Steve Ho (Hong Kong, China)

Dr. Steve Ho (Hong Kong, China)

Prof. Milan Kolena (Slovania)

Prof. Urša Lah (Slovania)

Prof. Leung Bo-wah  (Hong Kong, China)

Prof. Leung Bo-wah  (Hong Kong, China)

Prof. Liu Xiaogeng (China)

Mr. Kelvin Lo (Hong Kong, China)

Mr. Bengt Ollén (Sweden)

Prof. Luigi Marzola (Italy)

Prof. Ragnar Rasmussen (Norway)

Prof. Ren Baoping  (China)

Mr. Dénes Szabó (Hungary)

Ms. Kaie Tanner (Estonia)

Prof. Leon Tong (Hong Kong, China)

Prof. Yan Baolin  (China)

Prof. Nancy Yuen  (Hong Kong, China)

Prof. Zhu Jinming  (China) 

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