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Other Festival Events
2024 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival cum 1st Greater Area Choir Festival - Hong Kong

Starry Concerts

The Starry Concerts are the highlights of the festival. Resident Choral Artists together with other Guest Choirs will present 5 - 6 concerts throughout the festival. 

NG Cheuk-yin Massed Choir Performance.jpg

“Night of GBA” Concert

Notable choirs from the Greater Bay Area will be invited to perform as a Guest Choir at the “Night of GBA” Concert. Choirs take turns to perform and will end with a massed choir performance, conducted by a renowned conducted in the Area.

Hamilton Children's Choir and Good Hope School Choir.jpg


Masterclasses are in lecture style and the target audiences are conductors and teachers. Tentatively the classes will be delivered by 8 choral experts on 8 different topics. Each class will last around 90 mins and are aimed at enhancing the attendees’ conducting techniques, leadership skills, introducing note-worthy repertoire etc. 

Prof. Milan KOLENA gives instant demonstrations to choir.jpg

Friendship Concerts

A selection of competing choirs will be invited to perform for each other in a non-competitive environment and receive instant feedback from choral experts.

Shenzhen Golden Bell Youth Choir _ Choir Photo.jpg

Interactive Workshops

Competing choirs will attend an Interactive Workshop in the festival. The Workshop will be presented by one of the Festival’s Resident Choral Artists (RCA) and will be conducted in two parts: Educational Concert and Massed Choral Singing. In the first part the RCA will have warm up exercises and play choral games with the choirs, followed by a mini concert with presentation by the conductor. In the second part the RCA will rehearse a piece with all the choirs and perform it together at the end. The duration of the Workshop is 60-75mins.

Ms. LIU Mei and her Demonstrative Choir.JPG

Round-Table Discussion

A selection of notable figures, government representatives and choral experts will be invited to speak and discuss at a summit on a topic. Conductors and teachers are welcome to attend as a listener. 

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