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Resident Choral Artists

2024 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival cum
1st Greater Area Choir Festival Hong Kong


Cantemus Children’s Choir (Hungary)

Music Director & Conductor: Mr. Dénes Szabó

  • The Cantemus Children’s Choir (founded in 1975 by Dénes Szabó) is the multi international prize winning senior pupils’ choir of the Kodály Zoltán Primary School in Nyiregyháza, Hungary. Since its formation in 1975 the choir has achieved the highest of standards in choral performance and has travelled extensively to give concerts, compete, and take part in festivals in countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world – including Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, South America and the United States of America.

  • The successes of the choir are founded on the principles of the Kodály music teaching method implemented under the leadership of Dénes Szabó, who teaches music to children in the senior years at the school, conducts and directs the choir and is the Director of the Cantemus Choral Institute.

  • The choir’s extensive repertoire is focussed on the beauty of choral music – ranging from Gregorian chant through the Renaissance and Romantic periods to contemporary works. Some of the Hungarian repertoire is based on traditional folk music – including works by Bartók and Kodály – and some have been written especially with the choir in mind by leading contemporary Hungarian composers. As such the choir has become a standard bearer for both traditional and contemporary Hungarian music.

Artistic Director & Conductor: Mr. Bengt Ollén

Lunae Kammarkör (Sweden)

  • Lunae Chamber Choir was founded by former students from Stockholm Music High School/Kungsholmen's Gymnasium. Bengt Ollén is the choir's conductor and artistic director. Since its inception in 2017, the choir has grown and is now an established choir in Stockholm. The choir is also a part of the Ersta Church Congregation and performs at masses and concerts. Specializing in performing both traditional sacred music and contemporary music, they showcase their versatility and range. Their repertoire spans different musical periods and styles, demonstrating their dedication to musical diversity and exploration. Music by; Francis Poulenc, Ola Gjeilo, Alfred Scnittke, Arvo Pärt among others.

  • Lunae Chamber Choir has participated in recordings by Swedish Radio in connection with Ersta Church's 150th anniversary. Major works performed by the Lunae Chamber Choir; G F Trade. Israel in Egypt Claudio Monteverdi; Vespers J S Bach; B minor Mass."


Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir (Europe)

Co- Artistic Directors and Conductors: Prof. Ragnar Rasmussen and Prof. Urša Lah

  • The Choir is a versatile and international project choir established in 2011. It consists of professional conductors and talented young singers from different countries. The aim of the project is to perform on a high artistic level, to encourage singers to think about the role of art in the society today, and to explore different ways of affecting audiences.

  • As the members are scatted across Europe, the Choir usually gathers at festivals that they are invited to perform, after intensive rehearsals that are often conducted with modern distance communication tools. The Choir in their formative years was invited to perform at a number of international festivals in Slovenia, Italy and Norway. More recently, it was invited to the 12th China International Choral Festival, Beijing, in August 2014; and to the City of Derry International Choral Festival in October, for twice respectively in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, the Choir performed as guest of the concert cycles of Glasbena Matica in Ljubljana and of Simfonic Voices in Koper, Slovenia. In 2017, it staged an evening concert in Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg within the II. Festival Maslenitsa in Song, and appeared as the Choir-in-Residence at the International Choral Festival in Preveza, Greece. In 2019, the choir was in invited as a Resident Artist to the 2019 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival – Hong Kong, where they performed as a demonstration choir for the World Choral Conducting Competition and Festival workshops & concerts. In the same year, they also took up a residency at Olavsfest 2019 in Trondheim, Norway.

Poya Songbook Choir (China)

Artistic Director: Prof. LIU Xiaogeng | Conductor: Prof. YE Mingju

  • Poya Village is located deep in the mountains and has rarely been influenced by outside cultures, so the cultural traditions of the Zhuang ethnic group are still intact. 2006 saw the discovery of the "Poya Song Book of the Zhuang Ethnic Group of Funing in China", an ethnic folk work that combines diagrams, lyrics and music. the entire song book consists of 81 pictures and words that record the emotional journey of a young man and woman from meeting to knowing each other, getting to know each other, falling in love, and promising to live together until old age. 2011 "Poya Love Song" was listed on the national intangible cultural heritage protection list.

  • The Poya Song Book Choir is a choir that mainly sings Poya Love Songs. The choir is composed of young people from all walks of life, such as teachers, employees of township cultural stations, civil servants and other young people who love the Poya Song Book,  and is taught by the non-genetic inheritance bearer of Poya Village. Poya Song Book Choir is characterized by their delicate, soft and soothing singing, and its sound has now become a model of folk singing at home and abroad. Awards in recent years:

  • 2015: CCTV “Songs and Smiles - Choral Pioneers” — Overall Champion;

  • 2016: Champion of A Cappella Folk Category, 9th World Choir Competition Sochi, Russia;

  • 2017: Participated in the "Silk Road Cultural Walk" World Tour in Spain and Malta, and the "National Tour" of outstanding plays (programs) of the China National Art Fund project;

  • 2018: Participated in “Dialogue - Fable 2047", directed by Zhang Yimou, performed at the National Center for the Performing Arts and successfully toured in Tianjin, Xi'an, and Wuhan;

  • 2023: Participated in the Opening Concert at National Centre for the Performing Arts.


Guangzhou Little Petrel Choir (China)


Artistic Director & Conductor: Mr. DIAO Zhijun

  • Since their foundation in 1978,through their versatility and melodious voices, the Guangzhou Little Petrel Children’s Choir has gained a reputation for their dynamic and unforgettable performances.

  • They have been invited to perform in countries and regions such as the USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan;

  • Competitively, the choir have received 17 Gold Awards and 7 championships from various national and international competitions, and currently ranks no. 8 on the Top 1000 List of the Interkultur World Rankings. Accolades that the choir had recently received include:

  • 2017: Excellent Performance Award and Gold Medals from Children’s Choir and Folklore categories, Huanglong International Choir Art Week;

  • 2019: Champion, Children’s Choir and Folkore with accompaniment categories, Grand Prix of Nations Gottenburg & 4th European Choir Games ;

  • 2021: Champion, Children’s Choir (aged 16 or under) and Folklore categories, winner of the Jury’s Prize and Best Interpretation Award, 2021 World Choir Festival.

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